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Level 8 Factory - you can insert a unit chip; Level 16 - the 1st set of modules can be inserted; Level 20 - you can insert the 2nd set of modules; Level 22 - the 3rd set of modules can be inserted; Level 25 - you can insert the 1st set of cubes; Level 27 - you can insert the 2nd set of cubes; Level 29 - 3rd set of cubes can be inserted; Level 30 - you can insert the 4th set of modules; Level 32 - 4th set of cubes can be inserted; Level 33 - 5th set of modules can be inserted. Attributes of glory apply; Equipment test (Wednesday). Tap on More > Settings located on the bottom right corner of the screen. Click right corner + got to settings youll see a box gift code You get 9 different ones each week (3 on Thursday, 3 on Friday and 3 on Saturday), these aren't the easiest to plan for since they are random, but you can always try to be patient before doing the corresponding days tasks since it would mean getting rewards for two things at the same time. Account linking. The last two days are for building/tech/training. If the Techno Center and the Turrets are captured by different alliances, then the Turrets will attack the Techno Center, as a result of which part of its defensive troops will die. In addition, as you upgrade your camps, remember to upgrade troops from their previous tier (T5 to T6) by pushing the UP arrow inside that troops' camp. How/when does it show up? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Did this help? Based on the results of the event, a rating is compiled. None of them work. Check any credits to receive a 5-star legendary hero. Although, these codes were working a few days ago. For the prosperity and all-round development of your shelter in an accelerated time frame, do not forget to use the bonuses listed below. Apple does not allow developers to give away promo codes to the players for the items that come under IAPs. One zone can contain 5 or more buildings. . The ruler can change the rules no more than 1 time per hour. For victory, you will receive supply boxes, serum, equipment promoters, resources, and other valuable rewards. . 3. It worked for us today(Jan 7th, 16:38 UTC), Great help wish I new of this sooner thank you, still sleeping most of the codes have already expired, your website are not up to date, Updated, please let us know if you see any expired codes in the active codes list. In "Peaceful status", Techno-Center cannot be attacked. The opposite tactic, but also effective. Step 3.) The main characteristics of the commander. PUZZLES & SURVIVAL is an Android game with a release date of October 2, 2020 from 37GAMES. These are the promo redeem codes, released by publisher 37games on the games official FB and Discord server. How to Get Gear Materials / Promoters Events: Keep an eye on all events for gear related rewards. To build a building: Construction takes some time, which can be shortened with acceleration. For immigration, you will need immigration tickets. Unlike other MMORTS games, this game's PvE campaign mode is based on puzzle RPG mechanics where you match the same color tiles and strike the enemies. Do not get fooled by high positions, with which you can be "rewarded" in dying alliances - a high position in such a team will still give you nothing. First of all, these are recruitment coins, teleports, rare materials for construction, etc. For instance, if you run Percy, Doc Gray, Dom, Reyn, and Fox with Riders, you will have tapped instant rider attack, health, and defense bonuses which make your troops significantly stronger than on paper. PNSHBD2022, PNSCOBRA Do NOT upgrade, it's only getting materials that counts. The rating of the most active participants who earned the most points can be viewed in the "Quests" - "Alliance activity" menu. The stronger and more powerful your alliance, the more events it will be able to participate in and the more prizes it will receive. If the alliance shop is out of stock, just request an officer to restock them. Redeem them and you will get the rewards immediately. Game genre: Role-playing. To attack a zombie lair, you need units of 2 to 6 players. As in the previous case, you should intensively develop your shelter in the first days of the game and go through activities. All buildings have a placement limit. The commander has the following stats: Commander talents. Refine: Use refinement items to increase your gear's overall refinement level. There are two tabs here: Diamonds are a rare premium currency that can be purchased for donations or won in some activities. For other players, the most profitable deposit will be 40 days. After capturing the Techno Center, within the next 2 hours, the leader of the victorious alliance appoints the Ruler of the region. To show successful results, take note of a couple of tips: 1. There are a lot of enhancements in the game. Alliance coins can be exchanged for valuable items in the alliance store. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. The progress of the improvement is reflected in the hero card, in the upper left corner - a numerical indicator with a "+" sign. Take care to research in the hero window the heroes you're going to upgrade. The Alliance that maintains control of the Techno Center for 8 consecutive hours will win the battle. As for leveling up your gear, you can get gear enhancers from supply boxes earned from killing zombies/lairs, events, and buying them from the alliance shop under the other tab (once again, ask an officer for a restock if theres none left). Similar to the buildings in the hideout, the resource buildings of the alliance include a farm, a sawmill, a steel mill, and a gas station. There are 20 donation attempts per day with a frequency of 30 minutes. There is also a general gallery, as well as a bag with fragments of unreceived characters and materials for pumping. As you accumulate VIP points, your VIP level rises and the number of lucrative game bonuses grows. The second day is building and research, fairly straightforward. We just tried it (8:28 UTC, September 25th, 2021) on a different account and it worked. All of the others are expired. Military technologies of the alliance: Main quests. First off. Further, when replaying the completed stage, use autoboy or use blitz tokens to pick up blitz rewards without a battle. You can also buy serum in sets. siropns jewelrypns cafe5000 PNS1STANN pns1year You can also request help in construction from alliance members by clicking on the "Help" icon above the building. Contains resources, haste items and diamonds. If you find yourself saving something for a while and no use in sight that you need than its probably safe to use without losing any benefits for a particular event. The points earned for the weekly completion of the daily quests of all members of the alliance are summed up in the points of activity of the alliance. You get points for building things and conducting research. At the beginning of the game, a free second stage of construction is available to you to accelerate the arrangement of the shelter. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel MrGuider, for new mobile game videos. puzzle&survivalPuzzles&Survival wasteland SurvivalNGState of survival SLG . Competition status. 9 - unlocking the . Keep in mind that the list of activities changes frequently. If you can you should try and time each of the corresponding days tasks with the break loose on that day. Keep in mind that in this game power is calculated quite accurately, so evaluate your strength sensibly. For context I'm 70mn might currently and XO in a relatively large alliance so feel free to shoot questions below if you're uncertain of anything. jewelrypns IIRC, it asks you to build four. So be quick. Wall strength. So thats all we got in this post on Puzzles and Survival codes: gift codes, redeem codes! Troop bonuses are bestowed by Varvara, Otto, and Eve very early on. While the cost of alliance coins might seem a bit high, youll quickly obtain enough as long as you pay attention to your alliances help requests and donate regularly to your alliances tech tree. Check Out Best mobile games. The ruler of the region and his powers. 2. Resource unit buildings. Thank you. If you manage to beat the player who is higher than you in the rating, then you will take his place, and he will drop to yours. You can throw 5 free challenges per day, and then you will need arena passes, which you can buy in the store and win in activities. Puzzles and Survival Gift Codes (Updated March 2023). pnslove There are always a lot of unoccupied resource cells on the world map, so there are enough of them for all players. 10x 10 minute training speed ups Follow on Twitter For Roblox Game Updates, Follow on Twitter for Android & iOS Game Updates, https://gevents.37games.com/gamecode/index.html, Blitz Rise of Heroes Codes Wiki | Gift Code(March 2023), Subscribe to YouTube(Android & iOS Content), Subscribe to YouTube(Roblox Codes & Guides). I'm trying to find a breakdown of what items can be used freely and a list of what should be saved for events. Start MEmu then open Google Play on the desktop 3. While I can't tell you exactly what you should upgrade and in what order this video is designed to give you the information you need to make smart decisions for your next upgrade! I am a free player. Can anyone help please? There are 5 types of research: development, economics, war, war 2, fortification. First-class commander. War Set: This will give you ATK / DEF / HP bonuses to your troops. The funds best prize is a diamond box with a surprise. To upgrade a building, click on it and confirm the improvement - after a specified time, it will be increased to the next level. Create, play, share jigsaw puzzles and compete with other users. Alliance events. You can also get useful in-game items here. Search Puzzles & Survival in Google Play Install 4. Do as many lairs as possible and use up as much AP as you are allowed to. Dont overuse auto-fight. Troops in the infirmary do not take part in battles. Participation in temporary donation events gives you an additional opportunity to acquire valuable items (and even heroes) with good discounts. 152.9K Followers. 8 - opening the gear and chips function; Lvl. Sale of sets of items with huge discounts. Heroes have squad skills, i.e. Saving items, resources, shards, coins etc. I created a sub-account and tried it, but I was able to receive it. If not, I'm doing you a solid telling you this. There are different types of traps that are unlocked as you level up the factory: Laboratory CO. A superweapon is produced in the CO laboratory. You'll also be able to immediately tap into research bonuses that the alliance you're in have researched. Types of tests. ceylan Android: First things first you can only redeem codes after completing the tutorial. The acquisition of the Headquarters Fund is your contribution to future development. Increasing the speed of steel production; Instant collection of 5-hour production from all resource buildings. Events will often reward you with Weapon Material Choice Chests that you can open up in your bag to specify what you want. 200 Diamonds, Gear Promoter x10, 1 Gear Enhance Material x100, Chip Promoter x10, 1 Chip Enhance Material x100, Module Promoter x10, 1 Module Enhance Material x100 The participant owns the copyright of the works they . Recharge time: 12 hours; First Aid: turns 30% of fallen units into wounded if they have enough space in the infirmary. It is transport troops that are capable of transporting a huge amount of resources from resource cells and play a very important role in the assault on enemy shelters. Maybe expired. Rally size will be increased concurrently as you upgrade your Hall of War. The other chips are mostly there for your secondary teams and to increase your Ruins progress. The higher the headquarters level, the longer the improvement will take and the more expensive it will cost. Speedups and resources are vital to be able to do good on this day, if you have the patience, wait and see if you can time training with a training break loose. We have questions and answers related to this topic which may also help you: Show all. Fourth day is troop training. Weapons have six different rarity tiers to them. pns777 Become a subscriber to enjoy exclusive boosts and rewards! System messages, rating rewards, alliance messages and activity reports come to the mailbox. Types of heroes. Types of immigration. Out of 20 codes( Not the expired list) I redeemed 13 active codes!! HGG is a website that helps gamers optimize their gaming experience and learn all the latest tips and tricks in their favorite games. If you are aiming for a long and successful game, then be sure to join an alliance from the Top 3 Alliance Rankings. Role Playing Puzzles & Survival Rating: 3.7/5 Stars ( 125 reviews) Favourite Games Add to your games Cheats & Tips Reviews Game Guide Answers Add Me Redeem Codes Add Videos and Hints Puzzles & Survival Answers What does recycling Gear Promoter do? All will provide abilities which will significantly increase the benefit of whatever abilities they have (viewable from your hero window in troop skill), and with every enhancement, the percentage increase of that skill goes up. Additionally, each hero has an exclusive weapon that (if equipped to the right hero) provides even more unique boosts depending on their enhancement level. Click on a suitable zombie and view its characteristics - level, recommended squad size for battle and possible rewards. Puzzles & Survival is a mashup of two of mobile gaming's most lauded genre's - base building and match-three puzzler RPG's. When you step into the game's zombie apocalyptic world, you'll be put. Ruin shop. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Sign up andgetthe best of HGGdelivered straight to your inbox. So you run the risk of unleashing a war of alliances and earning the notoriety of a provocateur. Lair boxes can be opened on a few different days, it really does depend on what you're currently building. Tap on SETTINGS. Alliance store. Formation of the detachment. Serum is used to pump heroes. Rally limit can be increased in Alliance Tech/Military. I dont know the current code because I entered the last two codes in the past. https://gevents.37games.com/gamecode/, autumnpns 10x 10 minute speed ups Survivor's Guide Library 2023-01-18. Fighters, archers and riders have an advantage over transport troops, but this does not mean that transport is weak and useless. So thats bull****, There is an update, if you are playing on iOS, use this official code redemption site: https://gevents.37games.com/gamecode/index.html, wo finde ich die geschenke vom einlsen des cods, If you are on iOS and have redeemed the gift code website, those codes rewards will directly be sent to inventory. Storage and infirmary. Based on the color/type of the tiles that you match, heroes gain rage and unleash their unqiue skills. It did work for me today at 15:03 UTC. To heal the wounded in the infirmary, do not forget to give the command "Treat" and pay food. I have a level 33 HQ and this strategy works for me. The total number of issued gift codes: +6. The heros skills (active and passive) are used in campaign battles and are unlocked as his level rises. Or for break loose. PvE Attacks: Attack Monsters and Zombie Lair on the world map. Puzzles and Survival codes are time-limited; these gift codes expire after a few days, so you should redeem them as soon as possible and claim the rewards to progress further the game. If you havent come from there, be sure to visit ourPuzzles & Survival Master Guideto find everything you need to know to succeed in this game. Those two codes were limited time they are expired. Puzzles & Survival provides subscription services. Active clans also have an incentive to help you grow, because more active players facilitate better rewards during events. Ruin Challenges vary in terms of the attributes that can be used in each type of battle: Passage. This is pretty much what I do, although I admit to getting sucked into doing Ace even when I decide I'm not going to lol. On this day, getting material for gear is what counts. There are three types of gear to make and equip: Further, troop size increases are available at the research lab, and in the commander talent military tree. Thank you very much!!! Use the Bank to increase your diamond reserves absolutely free. First day is gathering, so you spend all day gathering resources. Then proceed to challenge your opponents. In some activities (going to a zombie lair, raids on the shelters of strong commanders, etc.) A long time mobile gamer with countless hours spent in both survival builders and puzzle solving games. The commander has 3 sets of equipment for each type of activity: If desired, any equipment can be removed or replaced with another. VIP level will decide how much AP you're allowed to use. Again, top 1000 get 5 frags for Phoenix/Zeph/Lady M. Top 100 get a few more etc. 300 diamonds To do this, use the promoter item, which is obtained in the zombie den or during the battles with monsters. Welcome to our Puzzles & Survival Gear Factory Guide! Do not forget that you will always need a lot of serum to pump your heroes on time, so keep replenishing it. Game settings. They can expire at any time. Entertainment & Recreation pse.is/pnsjp_official Joined October 2020. Increased rewards for the defense of the alliance; Increasing the capacity of alliance farms; Increasing the capacity of the alliance sawmills; Increasing the capacity of the alliances steel mills; Increasing the capacity of alliance gas stations; Increase the capacity of the alliance infirmaries. If during this time the PROTECTION of the wall falls to zero, the shelter will teleport to a random place on the world map. Collection of resources. We recommend spending premium currency only on things that are very difficult for you to get in activities and receive as rewards. PNS777 Alternatively, you can visit this page often for new code updates. Their number is determined by the level of the Headquarters. In the absolute end game, you'll have one Lumber mill, one farm. Step 1: Tap on the More button on the bottom right side of the screen and select Settings. There are . It costs less resources and researches faster than training new units. For the battle, you receive arena points, on the basis of which the arena rating is formed and rating awards are issued. What does recycling Gear Promoter do?. You can unlock the following types of these units: Riders camp. Each element has one to whom it is capable of inflicting more damage, and vice versa - against the damage that it loses: The above advantage looks like this schematically: Boosters. Or for break loose. Your fighters will outnumber the Riflemen, the Archers will be stronger against the riders, and the riders will outnumber the fighters. Color change. Their size grows with every shopping threshold. I tried redeeming some I wasnt sure I had done yet or not and they had said Redemption limit reached. Subscription price: $19.99 4. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Participate in temporary events as often as possible in order to get the necessary items, resources and even new heroes. To keep an eye on new and active redeem codes, please follow their FB page or join the Discord server. Before the attack, it is worth scouting the enemy. Send squads to capture resource cells (sawmills, oil rigs, farms, etc.) Campaign: You can also get gear materials from Ultimate Challenge in Campaign. The Builder Set can only be bought from Shop. The maximum level of resource buildings is 35. Depending on the number of points accumulated per week, the alliance receives awards that are distributed among all participants at the decision of the leader and diplomats. For prompt assistance, click "Help everyone". Below are the codes that are no longer redeemable. A total of 100 floors are provided for each type of test. You need to register your account on the day and hour of the opening of the new server in order to immediately start building a shelter, collecting heroes, pumping them, etc. Additionally produce these resources at farms, sawmills, steel mills, and gas stations. Only full pantries will allow you to successfully develop, conduct research, train troops and ensure complete protection of your possessions. A reset will return you all the resources spent on raising a specific character - serum, fragments, etc. Wednesday I think is gear day. You may get hit all the time. Lets examine each in detail. Halloween! 10 x 10 minute speed ups These weapons provide constant stat boosts to your troops when equipped (even if the hero is not with the march). . Top 1000 gets 5 Phoenix/Zeph/Lady M frags. 2023-02-10. They are not required for headquarters upgrades and when you do find an alliance that can run big rallies, you'll get more serum for hero upgrades than the labs would ever spit out. You can exchange the points obtained by disposing of fragments of heroes and completing the recruitment for fragments of the characters you need in the "Exchange" tab of Noahs tavern. Added: Jan 29th, 2021. The battle for the Techno Center takes place between alliances. Chips and Cubes. Thanks for whoever is responsible for these codes, hallo Attributes of the commanders chips are applied; Technology Test (Saturday). Headquarters Foundation. Either on Ace's gear day, on hero day, on gear material day, Nova day. . Select the intended target on the map and familiarize yourself with the basic data in detail: information about the shelter commander, his power, equipment used and heroes. An all-new feature: Vouchers available now! In this building, traps are made to protect the shelter during enemy attacks. Duration: 30 min. You can craft a random nanoweapon (30% at an exclusive, 70% of a generic Terrestrial Radar) at the Gear Factory by using up 100x Parts and waiting 9 hours. This guide will take a look at all of the different buildings that are a part of your Puzzles & Survival base. DeepL. There are 15 VIP levels in total. You will also need a gear upgrader. The event takes place daily, for winning you get ruins medals, which are taken into account in the overall progress of the activity for the week. I found ace to be easier than phoenix event. The collection should be the main way to replenish them. It is possible to purchase a different amount of diamonds - from a handful to a pile. The maximum wall level is 35. Temporary promotions. If you are working on one of the heroes for Ace commander then you'll want to make sure you save a lot of speedups and resources both for the second day, 4th day and the last two days. 10x 10 minute build speed ups Also, if you know any active code thats not listed on this page, please do share it in the comments! Zombies of various strengths are walking around the world map. Types of hiring. Table of Contents If you rank top 1000 on the first day you'll get 5 frags for Phoenix/Zeph/Lady M. You can opt to open lair boxes pn this day as well since they can contain hero cards. Alliance technologies give bonuses to all participants in the respective areas of their own hideouts and troop operations. Login. The total balance of resources in the cell is abundance; March time - how long it will take for your squads to collect the declared size of resources. OD, awards, blitz. After filling the improvement scale, you can increase the star rating of the equipment. Reload time: 12 hours; Operational Gathering: Your gathering units will instantly gather the maximum amount of resources. Either on Ace's gear day, on hero day, on gear material day, Nova day. 1WFFB Here you get 3 types of rewards: Attack on the Tyrant. Ill also line up materials for upgrades (enhancements/promotions) - building, gears, chips, modules, cubes and larger research tasks for Ace as well. Some states are far more organized and will do better to protect their own against alliance hitting incursions. Some events will also gift them to you. Economic research increases the resource attributes of the hideout: Ruins Challenges - battles with opponents on the floors. 120 Stamina Participation Prize: A giftpack will be sent to all participants. You can also check out our guide for this game here. In the stages, you need to fight both regular enemies (zombies) and bosses. Alliance Shop: Use your alliance points to exchange for 2 Gear and gear materials. VoteReward. With frequent attacks, this figure drops. Technologies are developed with the help of donations from alliance members in the form of resources or diamonds, which are converted into technology points. Go to the desired zone and click on the territory where the building will be located; Enter the menu and click "Build" to view the building requirements; Confirm the construction by clicking Build again. On install completion click the icon to start 6. New player just started less than a week ago, Both work excellent to me, thank very much, Oh, didnt notice that. mike ashley daughter wedding,

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